The essentials of your e-commerce blogging strategy

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The idea that blogging is not for e-commerce is just wrong. Content can definitely strengthen your online business, as long as you have a strategy in place and you stick to it. Sure, that’s where most business owners fail – they either don’t have a strategy at all or they are too eager to see results, so they stop too soon.

In an article anticipating content marketing trends for 2017, the guys from the Content Marketing Institute pointed out how top performers:

  • Are realistic that long results will always take time
  • Deliver consistently
  • Focus on measuring their results

Are you ready to seriously commit to your strategy?

Here are the 4 pillars of any successful e-commerce blogging strategy:

  1. Setting goals – don’t waste time and write with a purpose. Every post should be a step towards that purpose. Wanna hit 5.000 email subscribers or score $10.000 in monthly sales? Break your main goal into smaller chunks – daily or weekly, monthly or yearly goals.
  2. Reviewing audience’s goals – if your only focus is your goal, you might forget offering value to your readers, which can actually kill your business. When you plan your content, make sure it both benefits your audience and fits your blogging strategy.
  3. Building a brand image – this should help you stand out and make people trust you. There are tons of brands on the market, in every niche, but only those that are perceived as “trustworthy” will stand the test of time and constantly increase their base of followers.
  4. Investing in your blog – using paid advertising with your content efforts should result into more tangible results, encouraging you to keep moving forward. Just remember, while paid advertising gives exposure, it’s the valuable content that makes people keep coming back.

The 4 pillars of any successful e-commerce blogging strategy

How should your content look?

99% of people will never make a purchase from a first visit to your website. Give them something that will make them come back and the more they return, the higher the chances to buy. Your content should be:

The essential elements on how should your content look