Accelerated Mobile Pages – Case Study

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Building a great mobile website to load super fast and to give your users an amazing experience, is now possible by using AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages, a technology developed by Google.

In this post, we will try to describe our experience with the AMP and we will help you to be more aware of the AMP code specificity. We will offer you the insights and the resources which we didn’t knew about when we started.

What should you know before building with AMP?

Below, I will describe you the technologies I used. All this will make your job a lot easier, although is not required to build an AMP website.

What is AMP ?

AMP or Accelerate Mobile Pages is a project build by Google designed specialy for mobile devices which makes websites load very fast, almost instantly. This makes user experience faster and better. Imagine you have a ecommerce website and you have a targeted audience from mobile devices, AMP technology is one of the keys which makes your users navigate your website with ease without leaving or waiting seconds for the page to load.


Using AMP you will no longer can control your project with basic Javascript or other 3rd parties libraries like jQuery. You need to go back to the roots in your knowledge in building static html websites. Although you can be a “hacker” and use grunt, jekyll or ruby to output static html files which by default all amp developers strongly suggest.

Below are some links which will explain in more detail what is Accelerate Mobile Pages.