Perks and benefits of the
FLOW team

1st year

  • Simply being part of a team where ‘awesomeness’ is an understatement
  • 50% off Gym Membership
  • Half of a day off on your birthday – so you can celebrate new ‘wrinkles’ with your dear ones
  • Fruit Day on Mondays – because “an apple a day..” well, you know the rest
  • Cookie Day on Wednesdays – because the sweetest fruit is definitely chocolate

2nd year

  • 1st year perks
  • 1 day off on your birthday – as you grow older, so will the need to get more rest, so take your time and enjoy

3rd year

  • 1st and 2nd-year benefits
  • City Break – we’re sending you on a well-deserved city break so you can relax, have fun and
    come back more inspired and creative