Mobile Solutions & Progressive Web Apps

Our experts will collaborate with you to build custom mobile solutions or PWA solutions that fit the unique requirements of your business while crafting engaging mobile user experiences.


Complete custom mobile solutions & reliable PWA solutions

We recognise the critical role of mobile-first development in today’s digital age. Our primary focus is to provide our clients with unparalleled mobile-first website development services.

We offer complete-cycle solutions for enterprise-level mobile applications fully built to the needs and goals of our customers. Our process of developing the best custom mobile solutions starts with understanding the app’s purpose and the target audience’s behaviour. Our team of experts will thoroughly analyse our client’s existing applications and identify the areas that need improvements.

We are dedicated to producing stable and safe mobile solutions, and we are all in from prototyping and UX/UI design to coding, testing and implementing full web development and offering support and maintenance after the product’s release. We will create a custom solution tailored to your business, optimised for all mobile devices..

The main priorities when developing custom mobile solutions & PWA solutions

  • Responsive Design

    We develop mobile solutions to automatically adapt to the screen size and resolution of any device being used, providing a flawless user experience and increasing user engagement.

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities

    We build PWA solutions with the functionality and capabilities of a native mobile app but are accessed through a web browser, giving users an app-like experience.

  • High performance

    We focus on delivering custom mobile solutions optimised for fast loading times, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience that increases customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

  • User experience (UX)

    We design custom mobile solutions & PWA solutions that provide a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation and easy-to-use controls and have a visually appealing layout that adapts to mobile devices.

  • User Interface (UI)

    Our primary focus is to transform our partner’s requirements into terrific wireframes and app design concepts that guarantee an unparalleled end-user experience. We combine eye-catching designs with software features flawlessly.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    We ensure that your custom mobile solutions or PWA solutions are optimised for search engines, using only white-hat SEO techniques, making your product more appealing to users and browsers.

  • Analytics and

    We incorporate analytics and tracking tools to help our partners understand how users interact with their websites and get valuable insights that lead to data-driven decisions to get an increase in conversions and retention rates.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    We guarantee your solution will offer a consistent user experience and high functionality across various web and mobile browsers. You can reach more audiences regardless of their device (Android device, iPhone, tablet, etc.)

  • Cost-Effective

    We guarantee that custom mobile solutions are more cost-effective than developing and maintaining native apps for different platforms while offering the same capabilities, functionalities and app-like experience.

  • Progressive Enhancement

    We design solutions based on the progressive enhancement philosophy that makes important content and functionalities reach as many audiences as possible while delivering a seamless user experience to users that use modern browsers.

  • Accessibility

    We prioritise mobile accessibility, ensuring everyone can use them, regardless of the ability to use mobile phones or other devices or those with slow network speed. This approach can increase the reach of a broader audience.

Tailored solutions for any business area

We work with a wide range of development tools and technologies to deliver top-notch mobile solutions to various industries. Our team of experts can help your business grow quickly and boost conversion rates in no time.


Custom mobile development process

  • Outline the requirements & research

    Once we receive our client's requirements and app strategy, our team will evaluate and understand their needs and business objectives. After that, we will define the scope of work, investigate market trends, research and acquire knowledge about the target audience. Finally, we will offer an estimate for the project.

  • Contractual agreement meeting

    We will meet you to review our results, negotiate the contractual agreement, harmonise a mutual business approach, organise the team, establish the payment model, and finalise solid timelines and procedures for performing work.

  • Design & Prototype

    Our UX/UI designers will work hard to ensure your project has excellent functionality and attractive visuals, creating a user experience that meets your audience's needs and business objectives. They will also research and develop various design prototypes to ensure this.

  • Architecture framework

    Our mobile and PWA solutions developers will build an architecture structure to help you imagine what your final app will look, feel and function like. Our team will give complete requirements for each project stage, explain the objectives, build tasks and determine timeframes for each sequence. Further, we will pen the code and install the props, frames, and industry-specific modules to hand out top-notch projects. Afterwards, the coders will check every source code element, and the QAs will examine the app for flaws, safety and feasibility. We will maintain close communication with your team to trace the software development life cycle phases during this period.

  • Deployment

    Our team will implement a deployment plan to deliver a comprehensive solution to our clients with market testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, user flows, and usability testing. This plan ensures that the key features are available quickly and can be accessed on any device your users choose.

  • Maintenance

    We offer post-release maintenance and support to guarantee that your custom mobile solution or PWA solution remains faultless. As needed, we can enhance the performance and capability of your product, eliminate any errors, and furnish a secure environment for your users.

Dedicated and professional development team right at your disposal.

What influences our cost

The final price of our custom software development depends on plenty of criteria from project to project. You can find the main elements that influence the total cost down below:

  • Team Composition

  • Team Size Required

  • Project Duration

  • Speciality Level

  • Project Complexity

  • Cooperation Model

Why choose Flowmatters for custom mobile solutions?

We help business owners improve their company online presence by designing effective digital strategies and implementing custom solutions that address their specific business goals.

  • High responsiveness

    We take pride in our high availability, as a fast response time is crucial when working through problems or looking for answers.

  • Proven experience

    We have been working with multiple industry businesses for nearly two decades. We managed to help numerous companies and provide results that satisfy our client's needs.

  • Business oriented thinking

    We focus on ensuring the project will have the right impact when launched to users and stakeholders alike. We create and deliver powerful, elevated web projects that reveal the true potential of a business.

  • Technical expertise

    We are a team of passionate and driven people that look for continuous improvement for our clients. With an average of 5 years of technical experience, we guarantee that your product is in the right hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom mobile solutions refer to the process of building mobile-friendly applications tailored to your business needs. We at Flowmatters are dedicated to creating unique apps that fit only your goals and objectives. We start by researching the target audience and sketching out the customer experience in great detail to ensure that your mobile conversion rate is maximised. Furthermore, we will incorporate the features and modules that are most beneficial to your business and integrate any necessary external tools with the platform.

  • Progressive Web Applications or PWAs are websites that function and look like an app, giving users access to native device features. There's no need to visit app stores or purchase and download software since PWAs are designed with this in mind. The development speed of a PWA is much faster than a native mobile application, and we can help you ensure a smooth user experience and a unique customer journey to boost your mobile conversion rate.

  • As the major search engine, Google has a mobile-first indexing approach, which means that your website's mobile version is considered for indexing and ranking. Moreover, according to Statcounter, 50.48% of the global web traffic comes from mobile. By choosing us, we will ensure your website is mobile-friendly, and your mobile solution is designed to boost your business revenue while making your customers happy and impatient to return to your website.

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      We draft a project proposal, including the scope of work, team size, time and cost estimates.
    • Step 3
      We arrange a meeting to go over the offer and come to an agreement.
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