Custom Software Development

A great website or web application means more than a beautiful design or fast-loading pages.


Top-notch custom development

“You can’t have it all” is the saying, but when it comes to delivering digital experiences, “having it all” is a must. Today’s users expect nothing but the best. This is why we provide custom development solutions for fast websites and web applications that are easy to use and offer a great user experience. Delivering genuinely engaging interactions is the best way to represent your company and reach your business goals.

Once your digital product goes live, you might think it’s all done and good. But keep in mind that constantly improving the loading speed and maintaining the application’s performance is the only way that ensures you remain at the forefront. From reporting to multichannel support, product integrations, mobile app development, task automation and everything in between, our custom software solutions perfectly fit your business requirements.

If you are looking for innovative solutions in software development and software developers with high skills and vast expertise across multiple industries, from real estate or healthcare to investment, financial services or eCommerce, then you are in the right place.

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Our custom web development services

  • UI Design

    Our primary focus is to transform our
    partner’s individual requirements into amazing
    wireframes and app design concepts that help
    them visualise customer experience.

  • UX Design

    We offer desktop and mobile app UX UI
    design with custom mobile software
    through innovative approaches but
    following industry regulations with your
    target audience in mind.

  • Front-End

    With a professional front-end
    development team, we guarantee you
    receive quality coding that matches the
    structure of your site and meets your front
    page needs.

  • Back-End

    Whether in data security and privacy
    measures or optimising every user’s
    experience, our developers search for the
    best possible solution to solve each

  • Code Maintenance

    We take care of your web solution
    development project to ensure no issues arise
    and everything works properly. We will keep it
    up-to-date with the latest technology and
    security requirements.

  • Product Strategy

    We’re all in from product vision, setting up
    product goals, creating real milestones, all
    of which translate into product strategy
    with a well-thought business strategy.

  • Custom Software

    We help our customers create, develop
    and improve the quality of their digital
    products and solutions. We aim to be a
    visionary and reliable software
    engineering partner.

  • Product Planning

    Excellent software products do not appear
    out of thin air. Our dedicated product
    manager meticulously plans even the
    simplest, most intuitive products and keeps
    you updated every step of the way.

  • Quality Assurance

    We offer top-notch quality assurance for
    the software so that no hidden bugs or
    problems reach the live version. We are
    committed to making sure that our
    products run smoothly.

Dedicated and professional development
team right at your disposal.

in numbers

We did our math and if our calculations are right, we seem to have the correct answer to your problem.

  • 18 years of experience in the field

  • 150+ finished projects

  • 5 years of average technical experience in our team.

  • 3 times Top Software Developers Clutch badges acquired

  • 25+ dedicated team members at your disposal for a project

  • 0 failed projects during our activity



  • Brief Analysis

    The first step is meeting with the clients and understanding their needs and goals so we can provide them with the right solutions. We map out the project scope, gather knowledge about the market, and identify the target audience.

  • Arhitecture

    After clarifying the project's requirements, we built up each segment's information architecture and sketched the user flows. We pragmatically approach this step, prioritising the primary focus areas.

  • UI/UX Design

    In this phase, we focus on blending the eye-catching visual elements and the product's functionality to create an engaging customer journey. We research and develop various design prototypes to ensure the alignment of user needs with the company's goals.

  • Development

    Your project starts to come to life at this stage, and you can grasp how your software will look and function. Our team will implement the technologies, frameworks and industry-specific modules to deliver first-rate business value.

  • Quality Assurance

    We thoroughly examine the quality of your software project at every development stage, identifying bugs, vulnerabilities and inconsistencies. We will report them, get them fixed and re-testing your project.

  • Maintenance

    We offer post-release maintenance and assistance to keep your software project working flawlessly. We will help improve performance and functionality, fix bugs if necessary and keep your product safe from security vulnerabilities.

What influences our cost

The final price of our custom software development depends on plenty of criteria from project to project. You can find the main elements that influence the total cost down below:

  • Team Composition

  • Team Size Required

  • Project Duration

  • Speciality Level

  • Project Complexity

  • Cooperation Model

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    Christian Stefan
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom Software Development or simpler said Custom Development, is the process of designing, developing, testing, launching, maintaining, integrating and upgrading software to satisfy or automate a set of requirements or processes for an organization or business.

  • Custom Software Development is important for medium to large organizations that need automation in terms of processes, easier user management, business analysis and reporting. A dedicated development team and a project management specialist will be responsible to deliver a customized software that meets the necessary requirements.

  • Unlike an off-the-shelf application, the app development for a custom software solution is specifically designed and built according to the requirements of your company. You will only get what you need and not a general set of software built for a large number of applications or industries. This is why custom software development is a powerful tool for businesses that are looking to grow and expand in this digital transformation era.

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