Custom eCommerce Development

Our custom eCommerce development services focus on solving present-day bottlenecks of online businesses in the retail industry. We help you create a flawless custom eCommerce solution that provides a unique customer experience.


Successful custom eCommerce websites


Consulting Services

In today’s online shopping market, businesses must stand out and catch the consumer’s interest. The online stores that make a difference deeply understand who their final clients are provide a smooth and intuitive customer journey, and can quickly adapt to customer needs. A successful online business has excellent products and approaches its clients with simple messages and clear actions. Every eCommerce business is at different stages in its online journey. We are here to help you achieve digital transformation and business success. Our eCommerce consulting services help our partners build a scalable and cost-effective eCommerce platform that includes industry-specific modules for a first-rate digital experience and increased sales.


Software Development

An online store must stand out from the crowd and offer great-quality products to gain loyal customers. Innovation is a must to make a difference in the online shopping market. Therefore, our custom eCommerce solutions focus on the details that make your business unique. Research is the key to understanding the industry and our partner’s business requirements. From web design, web development, web and mobile applications, coding, web performance optimisation or API integration for eCommerce, we are ready to help our partners with everything they need. Our Zend-certified engineers and Magento developers are passionate about innovating eCommerce solutions and are true craftsmen in challenging projects.

Custom eCommerce solutions

Flowmatters delivers cutting-edge custom eCommerce solutions to accommodate any business model, enhance business operations and workflows and improve conversion rates.

  • Online Shopping
    Software Development

    We develop and implement web and mobile custom solutions applications for online businesses with industry-specific modules and features. Our custom-built websites are created based on our client’s needs. From customised checkout process, real-time order tracking, content management, product categorisation and filtering to eye-candy design, five-star customer relationship management and automation tools, we will create an intuitive and unique online experience for your company employees and customers.

  • Enterprise

    We build custom platforms for P2P, B2B and B2C large-scale marketplaces that help companies and clients connect. We focus on implementing solid features that strengthen the interaction between third-party sellers and end consumers. Moreover, our custom solutions are easy-to-use by administrators, vendors and customers, making managing operations more manageable and effective. We can implement custom functionality for various monetization models such as commissions, subscription fees, ad revenue, crowdfunding etc.

  • Custom Content
    Management System

    We create eCommerce content management systems from scratch that benefit our client’s workflows, operations, user interactions, sales automation, customer service and support. A content management system is a central hub where you create and manage the entire content. Our tailored solution is designed to be easily accessible, accommodate every product you sell, be scalable, and comply with your clear-cut business goals. We can also customize and set up platform-based content management systems to fit your business needs.

  • Inventory
    Management Systems

    We create extensive inventory management systems that give you a transparent view of the entire supply chain. From purchase to production and final sales, retailers, suppliers, and distributors can quickly and efficiently monitor, divide and track their goods. We can help any business owner enhance a wide range of industry-specific requirements such as data entry automation, demand forecasting tools, generating custom reports, etc. This solution will reduce costs such as storage and labour, improve the cash flow, and strengthen the relationship between suppliers, vendors, and partners.

  • Trade

    We build custom-made trade portals that enable the economic relationship between markets and customers. Our platform enables real-time data from multiple financial and economic markets through automated requests to accommodate various types of orders, deals and transactions. We focus on big data processing through white-label development and allow all involved parties to place orders, debate, mediate, handle arrangements, and make transactions safely and securely.

  • Real Estate

    We develop real estate portals that accommodate the needs and requirements of the industry and help agents and customers have smoother communication and app accessibility. Our development process focuses on building specific modules that suit your business requirements. We ensure the platform is mobile-optimised, so field agents have up-to-date information and access to the customer base. Our solutions incorporate responsive design, personalised modules and admin panels, team management, and custom reporting

High Quality Services and Innovative Solutions for Reliable Growth.

Must-have Features for eCommerce Web Stores

eCommerce stores should implement key features to provide a unique and rich user experience, increase the website's efficiency, be relevant for potential customers and stand on top of their competition. The most successful eCommerce businesses have a strong focus on the customer journey, fluid operations and tight security. The essential must-have features for eCommerce stores are:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Personalised user journey
  • Detailed product pages
  • Clear shopping cart and checkout page
  • Various shipping options
  • Various payment methods
  • Social media integration
  • Fast-loading website pages
  • Product navigation and filtering
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Chatbots or live chat
  • Intuitive and easy-to-create user account
  • Eye-candy website design
  • Multilevel and tight security

eCommerce markets we leverage to maximise growth and streamline operations

We aid companies from multiple markets to revamp their online presence. We build and implement custom eCommerce solutions and create proficient digital strategies that suit a business's unique requirements, needs, and goals.

Dedicated and professional development team right at your disposal.


eCommerce software development process

  • Analysing requirements

    Our team will analyse the requirements provided by the client. After evaluating them and understanding the needs and goals of your business, we will map out the scope of work, investigate the market, research, identify, and gather knowledge about the target audience. Lastly, we will provide an estimate of your project.

  • Contract agreement

    We will meet with you to discuss our findings, establish the contract terms and agreements, decide upon the cooperative business model, allocate the team, set the pricing model, and determine the deadlines and the working process.

  • UX/UI design and prototyping

    Our UX/UI designers will outline and define the core functionality of your project and sketch attention-grabbing visuals to guarantee an engaging user journey. We will research and build various design prototypes that align your user’s needs with your business’s goals.

  • Architecture framework

    Our eCommerce developers will build a solution architecture so you can fathom how your project will look, feel and function. Our team will provide detailed requirements for each project stage, outline the objectives, create tasks and define the deadlines for each iteration. Moreover, we will write the code and implement the technologies, frameworks, and industry-specific modules to deliver first-rate business value. Afterwards, the developers will test every single source code unit, and the QAs will test the product for bugs, security and functionality. In this stage, we will maintain strong communication with your team to track the software development life cycle stages.

  • Deployment

    Our team will provide a deployment plan to gradually deliver a complete solution to our clients through market testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, user flows and usability testing. The deployment plan ensures that we provide essential features quickly, and your users can enjoy them on all the necessary devices.

  • Support and maintenance

    We provide post-release maintenance and support to ensure your custom eCommerce software is unblemished. Whenever necessary, we will improve the performance and functionality of your product, fix the bugs, and provide a safe and secure environment for your customers.

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Dedicated and professional development team right at your disposal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom eCommerce development is building an eCommerce solution tailored to your unique business needs. We at Flowmatters start by researching the target audience and designing the customer experience in great detail to ensure that your business will maximise the return on investment. Moreover, we will implement only the functionalities and modules that serve your business best, and we can integrate any business tool with the new platform

  • We recommend a custom eCommerce solution when you are a medium to a large company, and you plan on expanding your business to various markets and need specific integrations that cannot be found on already-built platforms. Another reason you should consider this solution is if you sell modular or customisable products. A custom eCommerce platform designed just for you will offer a better user experience and allow you to implement as many functionalities and modules as you need.

  • We focus on building top-notch custom eCommerce software that is scalable and flexible, allowing you to expand as much as you want. Responsiveness is another key element on our priority list. We pay attention to SEO capabilities and integrate the new solution with any internal tool you already use. Moreover, we can implement and customise industry-specific modules to serve your business best. We offer up-front costs for the project, and you are the sole owner of the product.

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