Interior Design Project Case Study


  • UX/UI Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • SEO

The Project

We spend most of our time in interior spaces, but not all of us have the skills and knowledge to transform interiors into inspiring places. This is precisely why Qub Design dreamed about giving rise to an awesome team of designers, architects, developers and photographers.

As a result of years devoted to passionate teamwork, they can confidently take up any project, be it residential or large-scale commercial projects.

As an interior design business, image is everything for Qub Design. Needless to say, their website had to reflect this in a way that would attract new clients and inspire the existing ones.


That meant a flawless and rather aesthetic web design with a high focus on images and easy to read content. The main challenge here was to create a fantastic website full of high-quality images, without taking them forever to load. Another business concern was embracing the constant change of interior design trends without consistently redesigning the website.

Our main goal was to showcase a killer portfolio by means of a clean and modern website. We also envisioned a deep architecture with a personalized structure, in a way that allowed anyone to easily update the content.

The Team

We kicked off by a short meeting with the dream team behind this project. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the entire creative team, before focusing solely on business needs. From that moment on it was easy to understand who we needed on board for this journey: a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a designer, a marketing specialist, a QA specialist, a product manager.

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Discovery & Research

We quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted a clean layout to shift focus towards the content. We also wanted to convey the feeling of stylish furniture and contemporary facades.

However, we needed time and research to realize that dividing the website into different sections would come as a great benefit for the various types of customers.

Prototyping & Testing

Nowadays, customers tend to seek out design services on the go. So the next phase was structuring the website into various pages and enabling each type of customer to access the portfolio according to their interests and needs.

The information architecture became complex in order to accommodate large information systems, but the important part was to make it easy for the client to update the content.

After accomplishing a top-notch experience in terms of usability and responsiveness, we were ready to bring the real artwork into the spotlight.

  • 4 Interviews

  • +49 Wireframes

  • 4 A/B Tests

  • 2 Prototypes (Desktop / Mobile)

  • 6 Iterations

  • +60 Detailed UI Screens


We have been extremely inspired by this project and the work of the people we were going to display via this platform.

This meant it was a rather smooth process, even when it came to assessing business needs and tailored solutions for this particular project. Thus, we decided to
build the Qub Design website with WordPress and create custom modules for their specific needs.

  • The full-screen mode for the exquisite pictures was one of them since we wanted the users to have a compelling experience when admiring the creativity and high-end delivery of each project.
  • Another custom feature was providing an outstanding About Us page, where each representative project would be rendered through a visual timeline to reflect the evolution of the business.
  • Basically, we ended up with a website that is user-friendly for both our client and the end-customer. However, it still has the looks of a modern-day portfolio, that can easily inspire and lure prospects.



They say slips happen when you walk on ice and so do errors, especially when the average person has a short attention span. That is why we took every measure to make sure we wow the customers from their first click and help them quickly find their way around.

Website Design

The greatness of Qub Design’s work had to be made visible to art lovers and interior design aficionados at all levels. But in order to create a wow-effect and invoke emotions, we needed to keep the canvas clean. That meant a minimalist approach, with bold typography, little text and lots of visuals.

We designed everything with easy navigation in mind. Therefore we created small navigation links and simple menus in each section to avoid user confusion by saturating the user flow.

Nevertheless, the images were the fundamental ingredients of the website. They are the key feature which, together with functionality, can elicit positive visceral responses from people.



  • Keep the work front and centre

    because you don’t want fancy navigation and weird typography on an interior design site. Photography is the key element here.

  • Stock photography is not an option

    This kind of websites are basically portfolios, so it makes perfect sense to highlight the unique features and experience of the company by using their work’s images.

  • Custom features make the brand stand out

    Each company has specific business needs and that is exactly why custom modules can make a huge difference even in WordPress.

Final Thoughts

Building a website for such a passionate design project was both a challenge and an inspiration for us. Nonetheless, we were thrilled to see how the end-result matched their vision and style. The time and creativity we’ve invested in this website massively paid off, as we managed to step up our game and bring precious results for the online business presence of our customer.