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Portfolio management and investment platform


Struggling with managing a global investment portfolio? We built a custom platform with CRM, live pricing, portfolio tracking, research tools, and a scalable architecture to help a wealth management company grow their business by 67% year-over-year.


Our partner enabled wealth managers and investment banks to manage portfolios, analyse markets, research various industries and request prices for structured products and exotic derivatives.

Having clients from all over the world, our partner gave us a challenge that required careful planning and execution. With the business’ main objective being to facilitate the processes required to manage and grow an investment portfolio, our goals were set for different stages, with constant integration during the lifetime of the project.


We managed to reach our goal and deliver the right tool to help our client grow with key elements such as:

  • CRM

    We developed a fully personalised customer relationship management system which allows our partner to oversee and manage various web-related activities and also, internal and external events related to their business and customer needs.
  • Live pricing

    This allows online users to price and select the best result that perfectly fits their needs. This feature is linked to more than 30 international investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Bank of America, BBVA, Goldman Sachs, and many others.
  • Portfolio management

    It lets users see, manage, and track their portfolios in real-time with all the market-related information included.
  • Live prices for thousands of stocks

    By connecting to live data providers for various markets, our client facilitates access to live prices from all over the world.
  • Research and reporting

    Building and distribution of in-detail market research notes and frequent reports delivered to investors, allow our client to provide valuable information to end users.
  • Software architecture designed for scalability

    Continuous growth is at the heart of this project, thus one of our main priorities for this project was setting up the architecture in a future-proof manner.

Value added since 2015.

67% average year-over-year increase
in business operations

Automated over 40%
of the internal processes

Facilitated business scalability and flexibility of expansion in other markets

Enhanced collaboration and communication within and outside of the organisation


1   UI/UX Designer
4  Front-end developers
3  Back-end developers
2  Quality Assurance Engineers
1   Project manager
1   Solution Architect


MVP implementation:
6 months

Final product completion:
1 year and 8 months – ongoing

Constant development & maintenance:
6 years

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They’re really good in terms of project management. It’s great that they know how to talk to the client, and they do their jobs well and independently. I don’t have to tell them everything about what to do. 

I would advise clients to trust Flowmatters and to be clear on the objectives they want to achieve. Then, they can trust the team to create the steps to reach the goal. They’ll tell the client if the time or budget expectations are too high. It’s important to be clear with them on what you want to achieve, the timeframe, and the budget.

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