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Boosting Law Firm Efficiency: A CRM Success Case Study

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Overwhelmed by casework & missed deadlines? We’ve got you. We built a custom CRM for our client, enhancing case management, client communication, and tasks altogether. Automated court updates ensure they never miss a beat. They can now only focus on what matters – winning cases.


A leading law firm, Chirita si Asociatii, had difficulties managing its complex casework and client interactions. After our initial project research, we realised that their existing system was insufficient, lacking features meant to optimise workflows and effectively track progress. More than that, manually retrieving official court dates was bound to human error, and could easily cause missed deadlines and prevent lawyers’ ability to prepare and optimally represent clients in court. This type of outdated approach could have compromised client service and all in all limit the company’s operational efficiency.


We have developed a comprehensive CRM solution, perfectly tailored to the firm’s specific needs and requirements. Our solution included the following:

  • Case Management

    Case Management
    We developed a centralised system for creating, managing, and tracking client cases, which included specific details, documents, and timelines.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    We delivered a robust CRM module to help our partners manage their client information, interactions, and billing.
  • Task Management

    We also developed a personalised Task management system to help their team assign, track, and prioritise tasks.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    We implemented reporting tools to offer easy insights into case progress, client relationships, and financial performance.
  • Email Integration

    We performed seamless integration with client emails to streamline communication and automate email alerts, thus making it easier to follow each client case with ease and not miss any important information.

Value added

Improved Efficiency:

Improved workflows and automated processes have significantly reduced manual tasks, therefore increasing general productivity.

Enhanced Case Management:

The new, more effective case management has improved case tracking, communication, and resolution rates.

Strengthened Client Relationships:

Centralised client data and improved communication have created a stronger client relationship.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

The more comprehensive reporting and analytics tools have provided valuable insights meant to help for a faster and more informed decision-making process.

Automated Legal Updates:

The integration with third-party systems has eliminated the risk of missing important deadlines by automating court date retrieval. This makes sure that lawyers are quickly notified about upcoming lawsuit stages, thus allowing for more efficient case preparation and better client services.


1 Solution Architect
1 Back-end developer
1 Front-end developer
1 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Project manager


The development project spanned over the course of 6 months.

Ongoing maintenance and feature additions to make sure the CRM system is perfectly optimised and meets the firm’s continually evolving needs.


If you need an outstanding CRM solution too, let’s start working on your project!

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