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Akojo Brand Approval Platform: The Complete Solution


Are you drowning in slow brand vetting and clunky spreadsheets? We get it. We helped our client develop a plan for a brand approval platform that will enhance their entire onboarding process. Imagine faster onboarding, clear communication between everyone involved, and all the data in one easy-to-access place.


Our UK-based client, Akojo, is specialised in vetting and approving artisan brands for multi-brand retailers. They approached us with an idea to enhance their brand onboarding process. Their existing system relied on manual workflows and spreadsheets, meaning slow onboarding times, isolated data, and communication blocks.


We partnered with Akojo to transform their initial idea into an extensive solution. We joined on a collaborative journey that spanned over two months, defined by:

  • Kick-off Meetings & Workshops

    To perfectly understand the company’s business goals and challenges, we initiated the project with kick-off meetings. Interactive workshops helped with brainstorming sessions, where we explored various solutions and user needs.
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

    To have a better understanding of current brand onboarding solutions and identify potential gaps, our team conducted in-depth market research. And after analysing competitor platforms, we have found valuable insights that helped us tailor the platform to maximise efficiency.
  • Iterative Feature Detailing

    We meticulously defined the platform’s functionalities through collaborative meetings. With the help of user stories and prioritisation exercises, we ensured the platform could address the company’s core needs while remaining user-friendly for both Akojo and applicant brands.

Key deliverables:

  • Specification Development

    We worked with our client to define the platform’s functionalities, user roles, and integrations with existing systems. This detailed specification was basically a blueprint for future development.
  • Wireframing

    We created interactive wireframes to visually represent the user interface and user flows. This facilitated feedback and ensured the platform was aligned with the company’s vision.
  • Solution Proposal & Estimates

    We researched and recommended the most suitable technologies to build the platform. This analysis set the stage for a smooth development process by having a clear timeline and budget estimates.

Value Added In Our Collaboration

Clarity and Focus

Our partner gained a very clear
understanding of the platform’s
capabilities as well as its potential
impact on their onboarding process.

Reduced Risk

Through well-defined specifications
and wireframes, we reduced the risk of
development roadblocks and ensured
project alignment.

Data-Driven Decisions

The initial price estimates provided
Akojo with a starting point for budget
allocation and resource planning for
the development phase.


1  UI/UX Designer
1  Product manager
1  Solution Architect


We managed to develop a well-defined and actionable plan for developing the final platform.
2 months



With a complex and complete plan and budget at hand, our client can now move forward with the development process of the brand approval platform. We remain their trusted partner, ready to assist with the entire development process, from back-end development to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Do you also need to turn your idea into a well-defined and actionable plan?

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